Dear Colleagues

Dear Friends from all over Europe
As the Commander of The National Health Operations Center of the Hellenic Ministry Of Health I have the great pleasure and honor to invite you to an EU High Level Expert Meeting under the title: “Health Emergency Management in the EU – The role of National Health Operations Centers” which is organized for the first time in Athens, between 4 & 5 April 2014, at the President Hotel.

The purpose of this meeting which is under the auspices of The Greek EU Presidency and the Hellenic Ministry of Health is not only discuss but proceed further to a fruitful exchange of scientific data, experiences and followed practices in the field of emergency management in the Health Sector among experts at an EU level.
We firmly believe that the recent health emergencies and challenges Europe has faced (Avian Influenza [H5N1], H1N1 virus, mers-co threat etc) in addition to the latest developments in the legislative area (EU Decision on cross-boarder threats) provide us a solid background and a splendid opportunity to develop through round tables, lectures and satellite symposiums the following main areas of discussion:
• National Health Operations Centers: Interoperability in the European Union and possible collaboration with similar structures at non-EU countries
• Acute Public Health Events. Operational Planning – Management in a Time of Crisis
• Health Stock Piles – Joint Procurement Agreement
• Health Emergency Management at non-EU countries
• Emergencies, Mass Casualties. Interoperability of the Health Sector in the European Union
• Health Management of Immigrants -Cross-border Health Threats
• Communicable diseases as Acute Public Health Events

As we are fully committed to this endeavor we have the highest hopes that your active participation to this meeting will lead to its success.
I am looking forward to welcoming you in Athens, Greece.

With the warmest regards,
Panos Efstathiou, M.D., Ph.D
Orthopaedic Surgeon
Vice President of the Hellenic Association of Orthopaedic Surgery & Traumatology
Commander, National Health Operations Center
Hellenic Ministry of Health